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Buying a new home is the single biggest investment that most of us will ever make. Not to mention, it can also be an incredibly stressful process. After all, it is rare that you can move into your dream home that doesn’t require any changes whatsoever. Maybe you can afford a bigger property, as long as you don’t mind spending time, effort and money fixing it up. Likewise, you might consider paying for an older home, but may encounter major issues with the outdated plumbing and electrics.


If this sounds familiar or off-putting, why not consider starting a self-build project instead? Our professional, experienced house builders specialise in new builds around Mansfield.


While this may seem like a daunting prospect, SMM Property Services will be there every step of the way. We offer a comprehensive project management service that helps to break down large-scale tasks into several distinct phases. This enables us to keep your project on track, on time and under budget throughout. What’s more, taking advantage of our design-and-build service means that you’ll end up with a house tailored to your exact specifications.


Some of the many benefits of new builds in Mansfield include:


  • No Upward Chain – One of the biggest advantages of undertaking a self-build project is that you don’t have to worry about the seller’s end of the deal collapsing. Not only does this spare you from uncertainty, it also means you won’t have to wait for them to find somewhere else to move to. Furthermore, the fact that you have no upward chain could make your current property far more attractive to prospect buyers
  • Increased Energy Efficiency – Thanks to recent changes in the Building Regulations, house builders like us must construct new-build properties that meet stricter energy efficiency standards. We therefore make sure that each new home we build has double-glazing, improved insulation and modern central heating and hot water systems. Such improvements make a new build roughly four times more energy efficient than other Mansfield homes. This could save you money on your utility bills. In fact, Zero Carbon Hub and the National House-Building Council Foundation state that a typical new-build, 3-bedroom, end of terrace home would be around 52% cheaper to run
  • Improved Safety and Security – Advancements in construction methods, building materials and natural ventilation systems result in properties that offer certain health benefits, compared to older homes. This is particularly true for homeowners with asthma or allergies. What’s more, our house builders only ever utilise quality products, such as double glazing and modern door-locking systems. Not only does this increase the security of your new-build home in Mansfield, but it will also save you money on the cost of your insurance premiums
  • Less Maintenance and Repair Work – Whether you move into a new or an old property, eventually, you will have to engage in repair works. However, undertaking a self-build project means that you won’t be inheriting the problems of previous homeowners. While there may be snagging issues to begin with, you are unlikely to have to pay out for major works for at least 5-10 years


While this list includes some great benefits of building your own home, the biggest advantage is that you have complete creative control. You get to decide the look and layout of the entire property, inside and out.


Simply tell us what you want and SMM Property Services will bring your plans to life.


Call our house builders on 01623 367 887 or 07966 671 911 to learn more about the advantages of new-build projects in Mansfield.

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